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Welcome To Our Dr. Vaishali Sangole

Dr. Vaishali Sangole is an ENT Surgeon/Otoneurologist who has done her Masters in ENT Surgery in 2002, is a leading practicing Clinical Neurotologist (speciality in Vertigo, Balance disorders and deafness).
Presently an Associate Professor and Unit Head at MGM Medical College, Navi Mumbai. She has worked at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (MGIMS) Wardha, Sewagram and MGM Medical College, Navi Mumbai.
She carries a rich experience in the speciality of Vertigo related issues since the past 15 years. She was also a Clinical Associate to Padma Shree Awardee Dr. Milind Kirtane at P.D Hinduja Hospital.
Having done a Fellowship in Otology from MCV memorial ENT Trust hospital, Pollachi, Coimbatore. She has 1 International & 2 National recognised certified courses in Vertigo which makes her one specialised professional in practising as a Vestibular Specialist. These are International Vestibular Rehabilitation Certificate – The American Institute of Balance (Florida) 2020, Cyclops Medtech Pvt. Ltd. in 2021 and Certification course in Assessment and Management of Vestibular disorder in 2022.
She has around 33 Publications, 24 of them are International, 09 National out of which 11 Publications are in Pubmet Indexed Journals.
Well Known in Navi Mumbai for her Vertigo work, she has set up a Comprehensive Vertigo Clinic in collaboration with Equipage Health Pvt. Ltd. and Cyclops Medtech Pvt. Ltd., the establishment provides state of advance balance tests Videonystagmography (VNG), Dynamic visual acuity (DVA) for assessment of Imbalance, Vertigo and at falls risk patients. Over 700 VNGs have been done with biotechnology Masters from UK, which is an unremarkable achievement in Navi Mumbai.
She also specialises in Endoscopic Sinus Surgeries, Middle Ear Surgeries, Head, Neck and Advanced Otological Surgeries.


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